ACTS  II Application




If you have not already done so, please read the Preliminary Application Information before continuing.

All Questions In This Section Required

The purpose of this application form is to give us a better understanding of you and your background.

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General Background

Please provide as much information in this section as possible.

What college and/or professional training do you have?

Occupation/Profession (Work experience including current place of employment)?

Condition of Health:  Very Good   Good    Fair    Poor

Do you speak a language other than English? If yes, which language(s)?

What background do you have in theology, Scripture, Church history, etc.?

Have you had an experience of God in your life that changed you (a conversion experience or a deepening of your relationship with Jesus Christ)? Explain.

What experience have you had with the various spiritual renewal efforts in the Church: Cursillo, Charismatic Renewal, Parish Renewal, Marriage Encounter, Renew, etc.?

What involvement do you have in the parish at the present time?

What special hobbies and/or skills do you have?

Why do you want to take this evangelization training?

What do you believe you especially need in order to evangelize (knowledge, spiritual renewal, certain gifts, etc.)?

What do you believe you already have, as a foundation for taking this evangelization training?

What do you expect the Lord to do for you through this evangelization training?

Please give a brief autobiographical sketch (family, religious development, leisure activities and other information you may wish to share).

Additional information you would like to share.

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?   Yes   No   Don't know

How often do you read the Bible?   Each day Frequently   Sometimes

Is Jesus Christ at the center of your life as Lord and Master?   Yes   No   Don't know

Do you think it is possible to know Jesus as Savior but not as Lord?   Yes   No   Don't know

Can going to Church, knowledge, or good behavior save a person?   Yes   No   Don't know

Is God concerned with the details of your life?   Yes   No   Don't know

Can you be sure that you are going to go to heaven?   Yes   No   Don't know