Training in the New Evangelization



Donation & Payment: The online ACTS II Evangelization Training has been carefully designed, developed, and tested for training Catholic evangelizers and preparing for the future Church in the present moment. Every effort has been made to make it authentic and realistic. It was developed over almost 30 years and tested person-to-person in several countries around the world.

Though we are acutely aware that our efforts are "not of this world" 1 John 2:15-17, we also recognize that it is necessary to function in this world in order to evangelize all the people of the world who need the Good News of the Gospel.

Our suggested donation for the online ACTS II Evangelization Training is $195.00 (USD). Though each Session of ACTS II Evangelization Training online contains material that will enable you to become an effective evangelizer, we require you to donate for the entire training in one payment. Breaking the training down into presented material, you are donating less than $6.00 per training Session, including the Weekend Retreats that are included in the donation.

In addition, once you complete the entire study, you may download the complete Evangelizer's Handbook, BE AN EVANGELIZER? ME? for an additional donation of $25.00.

We do not take credit cards online. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive instructions on how to make your donation to the Catholic Evangelization Training Center.