ACTS  II  Training Commitment



You will be embarking on a SERIOUS STUDY of how to evangelize and bring others to the saving grace of God. You will learn how to systematically bring another to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The requirement for this study is a personal desire to first evangelize yourself! Your commitment to completing this study may at times waver. It is at these times you must call upon the Holy Spirit, in prayer, to encourage you to continue. Often, this is a result of not having made the already covered material "your own". It may be necessary to review, and review again, the material in each session.

You are encouraged to have a "Prayer Partner" so both of you would proceed through the study together.

It would be very beneficial to you if you could get a friend to go through this training with you. However, if that is not possible, it will not prevent you from taking the training yourself. Regardless, you will need a Prayer Partner, or a friend, to pray for you and you for them in the Life in the Spirit retreat weekend.

You must be willing to make the changes necessary in your busy time schedule to enable you to fulfill the time requirements of the online ACTS II Evangelization Training. You are committing to:
  • Arranging your schedule so as to complete one Session or one Part of a Session in a two week period. ** IMPORTANT ** You will be committing to completing each Session or Part of a Session in a two week period. If you are committing this amount of time and effort and you do not fulfill this time commitment, you will be restricted from further access to the training and your donation will be forfeit. There are thirteen total Sessions and seven of these contain two Parts not counting the weekend requirements mentioned above. This equates to twenty Sessions plus the weekend requirements. This is approximately a nine month commitment.

  • A faithful completion of each training Session. It is required that you complete each Session or Part Two of a Session on a weekly, or at most, a bi-weekly basis.

  • Meet with your prayer partner, or at least with a friend that has agreed to help you, at the times assigned. (Either face-to-face, by phone, or in an online manner acceptable to the both of you.)


To be an effective evangelizer, you NEED to know this material frontwards and backwards. It is up to you to make sure you have a succinct understanding of the material in each session.

If you do not "make each session your own", so that you have it at your fingertips, at some point you will be less able to explain your faith to others.

The world has an urgent need for well trained evangelizers who can speak intelligently about their faith. This is impossible unless you do what has been stated above.

The outcome of this training should result in trained evangelizers who have a fervor and zeal to bring others to Jesus. These are the qualities that characterize an effective evangelizer!