Training in the New Evangelization



We thank you for your interest in the the online ACTS II Evangelization Training.

Before submitting your application please read the following very carefully.


  1. You are encouraged to invite a friend to take the ACTS II Evangelization Training with you. With this person, you will be able to help one another throughout the training by sharing your study guides, etc., discussing insights into evangelization, etc. and praying with one another. Both of you would be referred to as prayer partners taking the ACTS II Evangelization Training.

    Your role as prayer partners is to share with one another whatever the Training sessions call you to share and to pray for one another daily that each of you become effective evangelizers. Each Session contains a Study Guide that you will complete. The Study Guide is designed to enable you to learn those aspects of the material that will enable you to become an effective evangelizer on a step-by-step basis. It is very important that you share with your Prayer Partner in order to accomplish this.

  2. You will begin with Session One and proceed through Session Thirteen. You will only have access to the Session you are currently studying. Most sessions have a Part 1 and a Part 2. You and will only have access to the "part" you are currently studying.

    When you complete a Session or Part of a Session, previous Sessions will no longer be available to you. Our logic in this is simple. Were you enrolled in the ACTS II Evangelization Training in a face-to-face environment, you would only have your notes and your EVANGELIZERS HANDBOOK (EH), Be an Evangelizer? Me?, 1B, to refer back to once a Session was completed. You will download each Sesson of the EVANGELIZERS HANDBOOK (EH) as you proceed through the training. You must print this and have it in front of you as you study the Session. If you do not have access to a printer, you will have to copy the pdf formatted EH to a USB, or other device, and take it to a busness that provides a printing service. Walgreens® is a good example, and even provides for your uploading the pdf file for pickup the same day.

    There are two very good reasons for this online logic:

    1. It will encourage you to diligently study the material before moving on.
    2. It will encourage you to take notes and completely finish all assignments and each Study Guide before moving on.

  3. The commitment to study the ACTS II Evangelization Training online, is NOT simply a lazy, rosy, easy, stroll through articles, Bible references, or even expert opinions, concerning the important efforts and means to effective Evangelization.

    Rather, it is a serious undertaking, by a trainee, to "make it your own", an extensive determined study of the sessions and related materials that will make you an effective evangelizer of the Good News of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    The materials for your study have been developed and used in classroom type environments around the world for many years. It is our hope and prayer that many organizations and parishes may study, learn, retain, and thereby use the ACTS II Process, which is more than the ACTS II Evangelization Online Training offered here, to effectively carry out the Great Commission set before us by our Lord Acts 1:8.

  4. This commitment you are about to make involves committing yourself to a steady, determined effort to complete the study of the ACTS II Evangelization Online Training in a timely and efficient manner.

    The time frame that is most recommended is to commit yourself to completing each Session on a weekly basis just as it is done in a weekly classroom setting. That allows you to become immersed in the training making it easier for you to make the training your own. If this is not possible, completing each session within a two-week period would be acceptable but not as advantageous to you for the reason given for the weekly completion of each session.

  5. It is very important for you to set goals for your participation in the online training. In this busy life, we have many distractions that keep us from focusing on our priorities. Proverbs 16:3. We recommend you strive for completing one Session per week ! Of course, we know that circumstances do not always let us meet our goals. There are birthdays, holidays, work, and even sometimes sickness. However, the more determined you are to meet your goals, the more effective you will become.

  6. Retreat Weekends. As a part of your training, you will engage in two special weekend studies, the Life in the Spirit Retreat Weekend, and the Evangelization In The Modern World Weekend. It would be very beneficial to you if you could get a friend to go through this training with you. However, if that is not possible, it will not prevent you from taking the training yourself.

    You and your Prayer Partner (or friend) will be expected to get together face-to-face and complete each section of the weekend. You will find great comfort and insight regarding the effort of evangelization as you and your prayer partner complete these weekends together.

  7. Having guided many trainees through the ACTS II Evangelization Training face-to-face, we have found that having two Bibles available is of immense help for the trainee.

    Many notes will need to be made in your Bible in such a way that you may guide a potential candidate closer to the Lord. This Bible will become known to you as your "Evangelization Bible". You will use it over and over again in your evangelizing efforts.

    Your second Bible will of course be used by you to prayerfully read and meditate upon the Scriptures as well as become your personal "Study Bible".

    Having two Bibles available to you will be of immense value, one Bible for prayer and study and one for evangelization!

  8. Donation & Payment: The online ACTS II Evangelization Training has been carefully designed, developed, and tested for training Catholic evangelizers and preparing for the future Church in the present moment. Every effort has been made to make it authentic and realistic. It was developed over almost 30 years and tested person-to-person in several countries around the world.

    Though we are acutely aware that our efforts are "not of this world" 1 John 2:15-18, we also recognize that it is necessary to function in this world in order to evangelize to all the people of the world that need the Good News of the Gospel.

    Our suggested donation for the online online ACTS II Evangelization Training is $195.00 (USD). Though each Session of ACTS II Evangelization Training online contains material that will enable you to become an effective evangelizer, we require you to donate for the entire training in one payment. Breaking the training down into presented material, you are donating less than $6.00 per training Session, including the Weekend Retreats that are included in the donation.

    In addition, once you complete the entire study, you may download the complete Evangelizer's Handbook, BE AN EVANGELIZER? ME? for an additional donation of $25.00.

    We do not take credit cards online. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive instructions on how to make your donation to the Catholic Evangelization Training Center.

Understanding the above, should you still be interested in The ACTS II Evangalization Training online,
please continue: